Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping works with commercial clients to create a landscape and lawn care plan custom-tailored to their needs. Why choose our Grand Junction commercial landscaping team? Our unparalleled customer service sets us apart from the competition.

Make an investment. Make an impression.

Lawn Care

Superior residential and commercial lawn care options

Improve the curb appeal of your home or commercial property with our expert lawn care services. We can completely make over your property to fit your lifestyle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire our team. We can handle all of your hardscape and softscape needs.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Give your commercial property a clean landscape

Make an impression on customers right from the start with well-manicured shrubbery and a regularly maintained lawn. With custom landscape designs and regularly scheduled trimming, you can easily make your store’s outside as appealing as the services you provide inside!

Fertilizing & Pest Control

A beautifully sculpted lawn every time

Improve your curb appeal and add natural beauty to your business and common areas with help from the professionals. No matter the state of your lawn or the soil conditions, you can finally have the beautiful outdoor oasis you’ve always imagined.

Depend on over 15 years of local experience

Now you can have a green lawn even if you don’t exactly have a green thumb. We’re experts on the local terrain and vegetation, and you can trust us to keep your lawn healthy without disrupting or destroying the grass that’s already there!

Free plan estimates

Fertilizers and pest control plans will keep your grass green and give your vegetation room to grow. Get a FREE estimate on fertilizers and pest control when you call our professional landscapers. Every estimate is customized to what your land needs


Benefits of a fertilized lawn

  • Reduced weed growth
  • New turf is protected
  • Less mess after a heavy rain
  • Improved grass color and thickness
  • Reduced muddy soil
  • Faster growth

Healthy lawns need special care

Insects and weeds can wreak havoc on your lawn. Our lawn care experts will quickly diagnose your problem and come up with a solution to ensure your lawn is restored to optimal health. We offer many fertilization and horticultural spraying options, including insect control, spider barriers, noxious weed control, and organic options.


Beautify Your Lawn

Whether a Business, Apartment Complexes or HOA neighborhood, we are here to make your dream lawn a reality from weekly lawn mowing to initial lawn installation or help to revitalize your existing lawn. Our professional team will work with you to put together a maintenance program to keep your lawn looking it’s best so you will be the envy of your neighborhood or to give your business the best first impression. Call Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping today and hire the lawn experts who make maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn easy on you and your pocketbook!

  • Residential and commercial mowing and edging
  • Specializing in working with HOAs
  • Perennials and thatching
  • Shrubs and tree trimming
  • Sod installation and softscaping
  • Power raking and seeding
  • Leave rock and ground covers
  • Fertilizing and weed control
  • Pest control


Fall Spring Blowouts – Avoid Freezing and Costly Repairs – Call us Today

As the cold Colorado winter approaches, it is important to protect the investment you have in your sprinkler system! Our expert winterizing service consists of shutting off the water source and using a large volume, stat of the art air compressor to purge the water from your entire system to prevent it from freezing and leading to costly repairs.

Spring Sprinkler Turn On Service and Backflow Test

Rely on Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping for expert sprinkler turn-on in the spring, including an extensive check for any needed repairs. Our service includes making sure you have no broke sprinkler head and that they are aimed and function to assure optimum water coverage across your lawn.


Leave the plowing and shoveling to us

Rely on us to take care of all the heavy lifting when Mother Nature brings on snowfall. Don’t hurt yourself shoveling your driveway or sidewalks. Have your property well maintained and risk free from potential injuries.

Going above and beyond snow removal

We’ll get your parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk clear of snow. You can rely on us for residential and commercial snow removal services. In most cases melted snow will freeze. Don’t fret! Our liquid de-icing services will keep you safe and help avoid delays.

Reliable snow removal

Stay safe this winter with our professional snow removal service. We will work quickly to remove snow buildup from your walkway and driveway to keep you and your guests safe. We also handle sanding, parking lot clearing and liquid de-icing.

Snow removal services


– Sidewalk shoveling

– Sanding

– Snow plowing

– Liquid de-icing

– Parking lot clearing

Is snow piling up outside your home or business? Do you dread bundling up and taking on the driveway and sidewalk? We’ll do the heavy lifting for you with our snow removal plowing and shoveling.

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