How to give your lawn a spring makeover

There is an old saying here in Western Colorado about how critical it is to listen to the land.

For the landscape and lawn care contractors at Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping, that is an important aspect to the services we provide to our clients.

We know that every lawn and landscape has unique qualities, just like every home has a distinct personality and every client has a vision for what they want their exterior landscape to look like.

Spring is here and maybe, as you look at the brown and yellow patchy lawn winter left behind, you realize that it may need a little more than a spruce-up this time. Maybe it needs maintenance and a makeover.

Be sure that you don’t wait until it’s too late and you end up with a dull, lifeless lawn. If you start now you can have a great, lush lawn this summer.

For some who prefer to do their lawn care themselves, spring means one thing: the battle for your lawn has begun! Pests and weeds are ready to invade your space. And take it from us; the best offense is good defense.

Now is the time for action…but do you know what to do?

From weeds to water, our lawn and landscape services can eliminate the need to worry about your lawn so you can focus on spending time on your personal interests.

Having your lawn maintained professionally will ensure it is done right every time and our professional services also eliminate the task of proper storage of fertilizers and pesticides. A well-maintained lawn will also absorb some airborne pollutants, which is good for the environment.

The “Need to Knows for a Superior Spring Clean-Up

  • Irrigation Installation & Maintenance: time for a spring check-up. Is your system running properly?
  • Sprinkler System Start-Up: Ensure your system wasn’t damaged by the heavy snow last winter.
  • Yard and landscape clean-up: Hire us to do your dirty work. We know what to remove, what to leave, and what to fix on your lawn.
  • Incorporate new features into your landscape this spring: Take your yard and landscape to the next level with new sod, landscape lighting or water features and ponds.
  • Feeding and watering: find the right schedule and transform your yard by in time for summer.
  • Learn to Live in Harmony: Here in Western Colorado, that means living with weeds and other pests so it is vital that your lawn care company understands the symbiotic relationships of nature like we do.

Hire Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping and get it done now. And get it done right!

Our lawn care and landscaping philosophy sticks to the old proverb that says, you reap what you sow.”

We believe that proper care and regular maintenance boils down to one thing: Your lawn today is the result of your lawn yesterday.