Five Tips to a Summer Hollywood Blockbuster Lawn

The one thing that your lawn has in common with Hollywood is an action-packed summer!

Your lawn and outdoor areas will most likely play a starring role and serve as a backdrop for some special moments for you and your family this summer.

So we thought the best way to tell you about some great summer lawn tips is to do it the Hollywood way.

The first step to a great lawn, landscape and outdoor space is to find your lawn’s story. If your lawn was a movie what genre would it be?

The Action/Adventure:
Don’t battle against nature or physical forces -- too much snow, too much water, too many weeds and rocks. Xeriscaping takes the guessing out of watering. You can also take the worry out of winter and use our dependable snow removal services. Hire us to perform your spring clean-up and sprinkler start-up services. After that we can come back and keep your lawn looking great all summer and then return in the fall, clean up the leaves and debris and prepare your lawn for winter with our winterization services.

The Superhero:
Usually the only villains you have to battle are the ones in your yard. Let our landscape technicians develop a plan to eliminate common lawn and landscape problems like weeds, pests, and erosion. We can also help protect your property from future problems with aeration, fertilization, hydroseeding and regular backflow testing.

The Historical:
Is there too much drama in the outside world? We can help shield your home from unwanted noise. We also have many varieties of trees, plants and shrubs to help make your house feel more secluded and safe. It’s okay to love your neighbors…just leave your hedges up!

The Romance:
Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight for you and your lawn, but new sod, landscape lighting, or water and pond features might do the trick. Wouldn’t it be great to love your outside space so much that you want to be out there all the time?

The Fantasy:
Sometimes the perfect lawn and patio is right in front of you – you just need someone to help you see it. Let us come out and evaluate your lawn and landscape needs. Our tree and shrub pruning services are cost-effective and go a long way to help you achieve a stunning, well-maintained setting.

Your lawn is our reputation. Hire professionals who use quality products and who will understand your needs and budget for any residential and commercial landscaping services in Western Colorado.

At Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping there is only one way we want to describe your lawn and outdoor area. Oscar-worthy!