3 Tips for a Fabulous Fall Lawn and Landscape

Fall is summer’s last hurrah – it is nature’s way of telling us that the growing season is drawing to a close. Here in Western Colorado that means the leaves turn vibrant shades – which gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the last few days of beautiful weather by calling us to finish the summer and fall landscape projects in your yard.

November is the beginning of the entertaining season, so while it’s tempting to slack off on lawn care as brisk weather and shorter days arrive, yard landscape and maintenance are just as important now as they are in the summertime.

We would like to share the three most important things to remember about fall lawn care and landscape maintenance: plan, plant, and protect.


We can give you a head start on your spring garden by tackling your fall projects.

Fall is a great way to get creative in your yard and think about the ways we can help you turn the outside of your home into a warm and inviting place to welcome visitors for the holidays.

Allowing us to fertilize your lawn will result in a healthier, thicker lawn next summer.


We can come out and plant perennial bulbs now so you can reap the benefits this spring. This is a great way to brighten up your garden after a long, cold winter.


It’s important to fortify your lawn and garden in anticipation of winter weather and cooler temperatures.

We can also get your trees and hedges ready -- this prevents winter breakage.

Fall is a great time to drain your irrigation system and get a yearly maintenance before the cold weather moves in.

Aerate your lawn in the fall and watch a lush lawn sprout in the spring.

We can clean up outdoor areas for you by removing dying annuals, dead branches and leaves from trees and shrubs.

The most important advice we give for fall lawn and landscape maintenance is this: if you spend money on fall projects you will reap the reward this spring.

And that’s how you can have a yard for all seasons!