Is Lawn Aeration Good for My Lawn?

Lawn / Turf Aeration Service

Lawn aeration service helps to restore your lawn’s youth and vibrancy, giving you a lush and fuller lawn.

Lawn Aeration is an essential service that helps your lawn to rejuvenate and heal from excessive drought and foot traffic while promoting healthy soil quality. This can be especially important in the spring after a long winter season.

Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping aeration service helps your lawn conditions for grass growth and development of different soil types or sod. The process helps air and water penetrate deep into the soil, down past the roots, which encourages deeper root growth and better lawn quality. This aeration provides a much healthier and vibrant lawn as a whole, and one that your neighbors will envy. Contact Peaceful Valley Irrigation and Landscaping to find out more about this great service to help keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.