When Should I Water My Lawn?

When should I water my lawn?

Summer has arrived and the hot heat is defiantly here. You need lots of water to help stay cool and hydrated and your lawn does too… Right?  Not exactly, your lawn needs water, but not as much as you may think. Here are a few tips to help know when and how much water is really needed.

When is it time to water?
The first few warm days of summer does not automatically mean to water lawns. In fact, allowing lawns to start to go under mild drought stress actually increases rooting. Grasses also tend to turn darker in color as they go under drought stress.

Water early in the day if possible.
Given a choice, water early in the day when lawns are normally wet from dew. Avoid midday watering due to excessive evaporation, and at night due to potential increased chances of some diseases gaining a foothold. The exception to this guide is when you are in extremely hot weather and nighttime temperatures don't go below 68 degrees. Then it is better to water in the late afternoon or early evening, providing you don't have watering-time restrictions. Early or late in the day reduces the amount of evaporation that takes place during the very hot day, allowing more water to reach the root zone.

Water as infrequently as possible.
Thoroughly water when you do water so moisture soaks down to the roots. Avoid frequent watering’s that promote shallower root systems and weeds (e.g., crabgrass).

There are many does and don’ts to watering your lawn based on the growing region you live in. Talk to a professional to help you determine what your yard needs is what Peaceful Valley Irrigation & Landscaping can do.

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