Summer Strategies for Lawn Success

Summer Strategies for Lawn Success

With spring lawn care that was focused on creating a healthy and green lawn, our attention now turns to summer lawn care that is all about keeping your yard healthy, strong and beautiful. Soaring summer temperatures and minimal rainfall bring their own set up circumstances that can inhibit the successful growth and development of a lawn that is worthy of backyard grilling, neighborhood parties and running barefoot through the sprinklers. At Peacefully Valley Irrigation, our goal is to help you keep the beautiful lawn you've already worked hard to create – or assist you in making up for springtime neglect – as you prepare your yard ready for a variety of summer activities and visitors.

As you plan your summer maintenance routine, it's important to keep in mind the stress your lawn can endure as it transitions from the spring growing season to this season's high mercury days. The intense sunshine brings damaging heat and the lack of consistent rain creates drought conditions that can both challenge and inhibit growth. By respecting nature and working with it, and through gentle care of and consideration for your lawn, you will avoid the traditional habits of over watering and fertilizing that will ultimate inhibit lush green growth, not invite it.

Here are four summer strategies to shift your focus from springtime preparation to summertime maintenance. With these tactics in place, you will be able to keep your lawn in tip-top shape during the long, hot days of our western Colorado summers.

Summer Success Strategy #1: Water Wisely

Providing regular water to your lawn is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a yard that is lovely and green. Your lawn will need at least an inch of water each week to keep in healthy, green and in a constant state of growth. This amount can actually increase as temperatures rise and more moisture is pulled away from your healthy grass.

These are basic watering guidelines for a wonderful lawn:

  • Water deeply and regularly
  • Water less often to encourage drought-tolerant roots
  • Water early to reduce fungus growth and to discourage evaporation
  • Water consistently or don't water at all

Should you forget to water, or if your watering schedule produces a brown and discolored lawn, trying to "water it back to life" will cause more damage and result in the output of more work, more time and more money for you in the long run. Should your lawn happen to go dormant in the summer, let it stay that way until the fall. Our team of experienced professionals can work with you through this process and will be able to recover your lawn once the weather begins to change again.

Summer Success Strategy #2: Mow Magnificently

Keep in mind that mowing matters. Every time a mower runs across your yard, there is an instant impact on the overall health of your lawn. How your lawn is mowed will play an important role in determining the positive or negative outcomes of that impact. By educating yourself and knowing how mowing affects your lawn, you can ensure that your mowing – or the mowing our team does for you – contributes to the longevity and health of your lawn, as well as its overall appearance.

These are great guidelines for mowing maintenance:

  • Raise your blade and keep it sharp
  • Mulch clippings to maintain lawn moisture levels
  • Mow regularly to keep grass length consistent
  • Mow when the sun is less intense and when there is limited moisture on your grass
  • Mow in straight lines and alternate your mowing pattern frequently
  • By raising your blade, keeping it sharp and mowing regularly, you will protect the overall health of your lawn by cutting tall blades of grass that are drought-tolerant, grow deep roots and prevent unwanted weeds.

Summer Success Strategy #3: Wipe Out Weeds

Weed prevention techniques in the spring are instrumental in controlling summer weeds that wind up "out of control" in the warm summer months. If you have weeds that are taking over your lawn, your summer window of weed-control opportunity is closing in fast and taking action sooner than later is your best course of action.

Listed below are tips to help you get rid of wild weeds:

  • Act fast … Lawn spraying is most effective when temperatures are below 85 degrees.
  • Spray completely … It is important adequately spray your entire lawn.
  • Follow instructions … Under-spraying will provide mediocre results and even contribute to the growth of even more unwanted weeds.
  • Get the plant and the root … Once weeds bloom and germinate they disperse their seeds.

One of the biggest mistakes made in weed elimination and prevention is timing and inadequate spraying. Lawn spraying is most effective when temperatures are below 85 degrees and the entire area must be covered completely. Once weeds bloom and germinate, the dispersion of their seeds will contribute to future problems. Our team will be your weed-eliminating experts!

Summer Success Strategy #4: Tackle Trouble

Keeping a close eye on your lawn will allow you to take preventative measures and respond quickly to situations that threaten the health and beauty of the lawn you're working so hard to create.

Here are some additional tips to help you tackle troubling situations before it's too late:

  • Tackling Fertilizers … Resist the temptation to fertilize, especially during the summer heat when your lawn will burn, and never fertilize dormant lawns. The best times to fertilize are in the spring and fall.
  • Tackling Dog Spots … Dog owners seem to battle this ongoing issue year after year. While the best solution is to create a specific area in your yard for Fido to "do his thing", grabbing a hose and immediately watering down the area will help. If brown spots already exist, remove them and replace with new sod or seed.
  • Tackling Insects & Diseases … While most minor problems will often take care of themselves, severe problems may require attention. Typically, products or fungicides can be applied to get these issues under control. Call our team of professionals and we'll take care of everything for you!
  • Tackling Traffic Areas … If pathways are being created in your lawn by people or pets, consider installing stepping stones to minimize damage to your grass.

The summer lawn of your dreams is waiting for you in your own backyard and taking care of a few simple items like watering, mowing, weeding and more will give you a park-like landscape that you'll enjoy day after day. In addition to simple lawn maintenance, the highly-qualified professionals at Peaceful Valley Irrigation can provide you with a number of unique services – like landscape design, water features, clean up, sprinkler system installation, sod, trees, patios, retaining walls and more – that will bring your home, and your yard, alive.

Our mission is to deliver to you the peaceful summer yard of your dreams … Contact Us today!