Is Your Yard Spruced Up for Spring?

Spring yard landscaping

The seasonal winds of change have blown spring into western Colorado, and with the warming temperatures and rapidly melting snow, the time has come to turn our attention to your lawn and yard. By taking the time to care – and prepare – for a healthy yard now, you'll set yourself up to enjoy worry-free maintenance, tremendous beauty and hours of ongoing outdoor pleasure throughout the coming seasons. And, if in the midst of welcoming the sunshine and preparing your taxes, you haven't already started working on a winter-to-spring transition plan for your yard, don't worry … that's why we're here and we are prepared to help!

There are several important factors to consider in preparing your yard – including grass, plants, gardens, water features, irrigation systems, and more – for the transition from dormancy in the winter to awakening in the spring, summer and fall. The steps you take now will contribute to both the health and beauty of a yard that will serve you for many months to come. Just picture yourself relaxing, reading or entertaining in a yard that is your own private oasis, a park-like setting that is alive with vibrant color, full of growing plants, shaded by beautiful trees, fragrant from blooming flowers, easy to care for and virtually maintenance-free. This can be your reality and a dream come true!

It is important to remember that what you choose to do now in the care of your yard will affect your maintenance – and enjoyment – of it for the remainder of the outdoor season. Neglecting spring lawn and yard care could mean a long season of hard work from which to recover; the good news is that spring lawn care doesn't entail a tremendous amount of work and we're here to assist you with affordable maintenance options that free you from any worry, work or stress that would keep you from having a yard to enjoy all year long.

Here are four spring thoughts to get you started and a few ways that the professionals at Peacefully Valley Irrigation can deliver to you the peace of mind and contentment you deserve from a beautiful yard:

Simple Spring Thought #1: Clean It Up!

Let's face it: Cleaning up your yard is not a fun task, especially after a long winter season that can take its toll on your landscape. There are many important factors to a comprehensive cleanup that will leave your yard fresh, renewed and prepared for growth and production. Many who try to take on this project themselves wind up getting interrupted only to never finish the task, or simply don't have the experience of knowing what to take out, what to leave in place, or what to trim back; they wind up creating more work than they started with. Our clean up services provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals that will handle this enormous task simply and effectively. We focus our attention on taking care of your landscape by cleaning up debris that accumulated over the winter months (including limbs, leaves, weeds and grass), cutting back overgrown bushes and shrubs, preparing your yard for planting and maintenance, evaluating and addressing any current maintenance issues with you, and – basically – saving you a bundle of time, a huge headache, scratched arms and a sore back!

Simple Spring Thought #2: Start It Up!

Checking the current status of your irrigation and sprinkling system, before you start it up, is critical for a worry-free, break-free, and fix-free sprinkling season. Over the winter months, even if your system was blown out professionally in the fall, pipes and nozzles can experience exposure and freezing temperatures that compromise their integrity for efficient operation.

Before you fire things up again, it's important to make sure everything is in place and working properly.

With our pre-season irrigation services, we'll ensure that your system is running properly and help you address any situations that require immediate attention. Then, if needed, we'll take care of those issues for you – quickly, reliably and affordably. If you require a new or updated system, or are planning to build a newly landscaped yard this season, our landscaping experts will personally work with you on all aspects of the design, creation and implementation process. We'll make sure that the yard you desire is the yard we deliver!

Simple Spring Thought #3: Fix It Up!

After your yard is cleaned up and your sprinkler system is started, evaluating the current health of your grass, flower, trees, garden plants, water features and landscaping details is of high priority. Attention to cutting, watering, planting, weeding, and fertilizing is important to how your yard will perform and how it will look throughout the growing season. Without this necessary attention, potential difficulties could arise that that take your personal time and turn it into problem-fixing time.

Our goal is to help you create and enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard that you will love. To assist you in the process of fixing up your yard, we provide a number of valuable services and solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations: planting, weeding, sodding, feeding, watering, aerating, fertilizing, pruning, and more. We'll find the right maintenance and watering schedule for your particular landscape and transform your yard just in time for a season full of enjoyment and entertainment!

Simple Spring Thought #4: Dream It Up!

If you have dreams for your yard and your experience in it – with family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones – there isn't a single reason why that dream shouldn't be your reality. After all, your yard is the exterior reflection of your home and you should enjoy living outside as much as you enjoy living inside; for some, living outside is even more of a priority in their lives. Creating an outdoor living space is simple and affordable, especially with a specific plan and professionals that can help you accomplish your goals, decrease your time and financial costs, and make your dream a reality. Our team approach is about building a relationship with you, understanding what it is that you want, helping you identify your dream, and being your landscape solution. We provide services that will bring your outdoor oasis to life by taking care of the basics, as well as incorporating a variety of new features into your landscape design: lighting, water features, ponds, trees, xeriscaping, patios, retaining walls, fire features, outdoor seating and more. The possibilities are endless … if you can dream it, we can create it!

A healthy yard is as important to us as it is to you, and the proper maintenance of your yard is as valuable to the environment as it is to your wallet. At Peaceful Valley Irrigation, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and care for your outdoor landscape. Our intention is to be here for you – whenever you need us – and to provide you with products and services that transform not only your yard, but your enjoyment of it too!